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Student Organizations: Fundraising & Local Support Services

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After many years as volunteer leaders, we have taken the best elements from a wide variety of fundraising practices and methods and used them to create a unshakeable foundation for Hubbub Local. Next we built a modern and flexible framework to run the many underlying systems that make our platform so much more efficient and effective. We also designed our features to adapt to each organization's structure and makeup so that we can serve their specific needs in their "Hometown" community. In the end, our program helps the Public make a significant impact when they donate to join our SHOP | SAVE | SUPPORT® discount savings program. Not only are they getting a full year of great savings, but they also helping local businesses grow while at the same time empowering organizations of all sizes and types to bring students the training and opportunities to build a better future.

Our Hubbub Local Service and Support Platform works:
to help Faith-based, School, and Civic Organizations of almost any size* increase their fundraising profits
to help our business partners attract and keep more customers so they can boost their bottom-line
to help public supporters join their local Discount Savings Club where they get a full year of savings
Designed to Work Together: We make it Profitable to support Local
Mobile Marketing: Helps our Partners attract and keep more customers
Discount Savings Club: Supporters save many times the cost of donation
Integrated Fundraising: Powerful sales tools boost profits to new levels
Get onboard: No upfront Costs; groups of any Size or Experience*
Community Captain: Does the work that delivers a full year of value
Professional Leadership: Support you can count on Year after Year
Custom & Complete: Resources that manage sales and sellers

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Early on in the process of creating our platform, we were challenged to design our program so that it can: 1) Raise enough money so that ALL students can afford to participate in their chosen activity, 2) Find long term solutions rather than short term gimmicks, and 3) Provide a variety of fundraising methods that can be adapted to work in communities of all sorts (rural, urban, suburbs, etc...). Little did we know that this advice would prompt us to include the tools and systems needed to safely conduct "Contact-less" fundraisers.
Automated: No Need to Gather... Just send your students the sign up link we provide. They use it to create a "Seller's Account" and our platform emails them a sales package that is customized for your campaign.
Sell at Arm's Length: Deliver your Custom Sales Flyers & Step Back
Self Sign Up Works: Donor Joins and Pays on their Own Phone
Over-lapping Opportunities: You get even MORE ways to Fundraise
Get the Word Out: Put up your custom Poster where it will be seen
Keep it Social: Ask Local Supporters to Join the Club to help you
Options for Giving: Custom links help donors Near & Far Contribute

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One of the top factors predicting success for a fundraiser is effective and consistent leadership, and since we can't bring our program to more that a few communities ourselves, we had to come up with a plan to scale the leadership component of our support platform. Our solution is to recruit and train a local resident to be your Community Captain. Their job is to Reduce your Burden by taking the lead and doing the work that ensures your fundraiser meets or exceeds its goals both now and for the long term. We motivate our Captains to give their best effort by tying their earnings (and ownership) potential to your success. The net effect is that you "Earn more than ever before..." using a professionally lead program that is respectful & rewarding to your donors and local business partners.
The electronic nature of our platform brings with it many advantages, opportunities, and efficiencies. Some of these help Boost your net proceeds by: 1) Reducing fixed costs (club membership materials are digital not printed), 2) Providing built-in student incentive programs, 3) Making available multiple bonus earning opportunities, and 4) Offering electronic sales and donation in-lieu-of-purchase options. Other beneficial platform features are designed to Promote sales (payment by card & self-sign up using sales flyers, posters and social media links), Deliver a full year of satisfaction (more discounts and seasonal deal updates), Foster a feeling of appreciation (thank you note & donation receipt emails), and Encourage future years of membership (renewal notice and an impact/progress report email). The best part is that your community Captain takes care of all these details.
Captains: Our Platform Pros take the Lead & Reduce your Burden
Evolutionary: Powerful program created from best Classical Fundraisers
Runs on Donor's Phone: More Deals, Categories & Ways to Save
Easy to Sell: Effective Features deliver Deals your Supporters want
Members: ALL the best Local Deals & Great savings everywhere else
Room to Grow: Build on this year's Success when donors renew next Yr
Above & Beyond: Join our Program and sell our integrated Fundraiser... Now we can use our Platform to help you Advertise and Run
1) Sponsorship Campaigns, 2) Legacy Fundraisers, and 3) Service days and Special Events
More Yet to Come: As the number of Communities Hubbub Local serves Expands, we are finding new ways to deliver more value, higher returns, and new opportunities to Get Connected!
Learn More: Once you Know Us You'll see how We Work for You
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